For nearly half a century it was one of what once was colloquially known as the "Big Five" major Hollywood motion picture studios, along with … (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2016-2021 All rights reserved. 1951% owned by Westinghouse Broadcasting Cet article présente la liste (non exhaustive) des films produits par le studio américain Paramount Pictures depuis sa création. CBS affiliates: KCBS-TV | KCNC-TV | KDKA-TV | KOVR | KPIX-TV | KTVT | KYW-TV | WBBM-TV | WBZ-TV | WCBS-TV | WCCO-TV | WFOR-TV | WJZ-TV | WWJ-TV 18Co-owned with Solar Entertainment Client - Paramount Pictures Logo Png. The sketch was said to have been inspired by Ben Lomond Mountain, but there is actually resemblance with quite a few other well-known peaks, including the Italian side of Monviso and Matterhorn in Switzerland. The original plan was to add a new star onto the emblem every time a new actor joined the team… 1 1914–1917 2 1917–1967 3 1967–present 3.1 1967–1975 3.2 1975–1982 3.3 1982–1989 3.4 1989–1995 3.5 1995–2009 3.6 2009–2019 3.6.1 2013 3.7 2019–present 4 Miscellaneous 4.1 1914–1917 4.2 1917–1967 4.3 1967–present 4.3.1 1975–1982 This logo was short-lived, although the mountain print was reused for Paramount Channel's logo Defunct assets: 5FWD | 5Spike | Shake! After it's compatible, perform the Post Centerpiece Configuration by clicking on Cloud this server to a user management. New Symbols - Paramount Life And General Insurance Logo. The logo featured a single mountain and a round shape formed by 24 stars. Logopedia is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Monochrome variation. Atria Publishing Group (Howard Books | 37 INK) | Gallery Publishing Group (Pocket Books | Threshold Edition) | Scribbler | Free Press, Other assets: Nickelodeon (HD) | Nick at Nite | Nicktoons (HD) | Nick Jr. (HD) | TeenNick | NickMusic | Nick Games, Other channels: Aapka Colors2 | CBS Sports Network, International channels Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. The distinctively pyramidal Paramount mountain has been the company's logo since its inception and is the oldest surviving Hollywood film logo. Répondre. Founded by Adolph Zukor in on 8 May 1912, Paramount Pictures is America's second oldest, still-operating, motion picture studio behind Universal Studios, though only by a little over a week. Édité le 02/02/2020 à 17:02 par Abhiram #7. The following is a list of films originally produced and/or distributed theatrically by Paramount Pictures and released in the 2010s. TV Comedy Network Originals | MTV Extra | MTV Flux | MTV Shows | MTV Films Europe | Viacom New Media | Viacom Consumer Products | MTV Games | Comedy Central Games | Kindernet | All News Channel17 | VH1 Uno | VH1 (Latin America) | VH1 Classic (Latin America) | VH1 (Poland) | VH1 (Russia) | MTV8 | MTV Next | Nick Jr. Games | Nick Nach Acht | MTV Entertainment | MTV Music | Miramax/Dimension Films | Miramax Books | Miramax International | Miramax Home Entertainment | Miramax Family Films | Paramount Vantage | MTV Desi | GameTrailers | Madison Square Garden | MSG | Cheddar U | Defy Media | DreamWorks Television | DreamWorks Pictures | TMF Flanders | TMF Dance | TMF NL | TMF Pure | VIVA | Insurge Pictures | MTVph19 | Viacom Blink! 5Co-owned with 20th Century Studios. Typically, the logo features a range of colors that coincide with the natural looks of the mountain peak. In 1967, Paramount modified the logo by removing the clouds at the foot of the mountain, and then updated the text to drop the word "Pictures". The logo with the word "A Paramount Picture" don't upload the photo ''But paramount stays Here. According to the company’s official legend, it was developed from a simple sketch on a napkin. Australia: 10 Play | 10 All Access5 | 10 Speaks | 10 Travlr, Other assets: Paramount+ | CBS All Access | 10 All Access | CBSN | CBS Sports HQ | ET Live | Noggin | AwesomenessTV | BET+ | | Pluto TV | My5 | Voot | 10 Play | MTV+, Simon & Schuster (Pending sale to Penguin Random House): One more new feature added to the logo was that the stars “flew” before settling into their standard place. The distinctively pyramidal Paramount mountain has been the mainstay of the company's production logo since its inception and is the oldest surviving Hollywood film logo. We have 42 free paramount vector logos, logo templates and icons. Paramount Logo Black And White - Body Shop Logo … Milkshake! The logo, known as Majestic Mountain, has evolved significantly over the years, but it has always… Avec la Universal, la Paramount est le plus ancien studio hollywoodien encore en activité. 2. The logo ended with Three Days of the Condor (1975) and Storks (1975), all released on September 24, 1975 (the latter was the first film to have the blue mountain at the beginning). 4. Digital content arm: Tipping Point Viacom18 L’histoire de la Paramount n’est pas la plus simple, à commencer par sa fusion précoce en 1916 entre la Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company et la Famous Players d’Adolph Zukor, fusion dans laquelle sera absorbée une toute petite compagnie créée en 1914 : la Paramount Pictures Corporation. 10Co-owned with 1+1 media. (30%) | Viacom182 | Porta dos Fundos (51%) | Bellator MMA | Viacom Velocity | Viacom Vantage | South Park Digital Studios | Paramount Digital Entertainment | Nickelodeon Games | CBS Studio Center | CBS Broadcast Center | CBS Sporting Club | Nick Records | Comedy Central Records | VidCon | Ananey Communications | Viacom Digital Studios | ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group | ViacomCBS Veterans Network | ViacomCBS EyeQ, Former assets During this period in 1914, Paramount's logo consisted of a drawing of a mountain peak placed inside a circular field of stars with the company name in a script font, a design which has since been passed onto all of the company's subsequent logo designs. Hindi: Entertainment: Colors HD and Colors Rishtey | Movies: Colors Cineplex HD and Rishtey Cineplex | Youth entertainment: MTV HD+ | Music: MTV Beats HD. After a few seconds, the movie's credits overlap the logo. 1. 1; 2; 3 » Paramount Pictures France - distributeur de films au cinéma. Film production: Viacom18 Motion Pictures | 5 News | 10 News First | 10 Sport | 10 Intensify, Television News Stations Although the Paramount Pictures emblem has undergone numerous amendments, it has always revolved around one and the same visual concept. Two of the stars were also dropped. 1361*322. NOW ON DIGITAL AND BLU-RAY. A ring of 19 or 24 stars, similar to the one seen on the Paramount blue mountain logo are seen. 7Joint-venture with Weigel Broadcasting. The Paramount Pictures name first materialized in 1912, during the company's early years as a distribution company. Paramount would become a wholly owned division of Famous Players Film Company at around 1916. Principal: Telefe 1Under license from Direct Group. BET (HD) | BET Gospel | BET Hip-Hop | BET Her | BET Jams | BET Soul, Showtime Networks: Located at 5555 Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, founded on … United Kingdom: Channel 5 (HD, +1) | 5Star (+1) | 5USA (+1) | 5Select | Paramount Network Regional languages: Kannada: Colors Kannada HD, Colors Super and Colors Kannada Cinema | Bangla: Colors Bangla HD and Colors Bangla Cinema | Marathi: Colors Marathi HD | Tamil: Colors Tamil HD | Odia: Colors Odia | Gujarati: Colors Gujarati and Colors Gujarati Cinema, International channels: 2. Il est actuellement 10:13 . However, the choice of Ben Lomond Mountain seems more reasonable, as it was connected with the biography of the company’s founder, William Wadsworth Hodkinson. 3Co-owned with NBCUniversal. Paramount Pictures | Welcome to the Official Pinterest for Paramount Pictures. | Desilu Productions | Eyemark Entertainment | Group W Productions | Home Theater Network | The Indie-Verse | InterStar Releasing19 | Key Video5 | Fox-Paramount Home Entertainment5 | King World Productions (King World Direct) | Laurel Entertainment | MGM/CBS Home Video20 | MountainWest Sports Network | National Telefilm Associates | NBC Films | Nick at Nite Originals | Nicktoons Originals | onGamers | Paramount Domestic Television (Others) | Paramount DVD | Paramount Parks | Paramount Network Television (Others) | Paramount Stations Group | Paramount Television Network | Paramount Television Service | Playhouse Video5 | QM Productions | Republic Pictures | RTL CBS Entertainment (RTL CBS Entertainment HD)21 | RTL CBS Extreme (RTL CBS Extreme HD)21 | RTV News Inc. | Satellite News Channel22 | Spelling Television (Others) | Taft Entertainment Television | Teen Nick Originals | Thomas-Spelling Productions | Torand Productions | TriStar Pictures (Others) | TriStar Television (Others) | UPN | UrbanBaby | VH1 Films | VH1 (UK) | VH1 MegaHits | Viacom (Others | Special Delivery) | USA Network | Viacom Pictures | Westinghouse Broadcasting Company | Westinghouse Broadcasting International | Wilshire Court Productions | Worldvision Enterprises (Others) | Prima Comedy Central, Notes: Retrouvez toutes les infos et contenus officiels des films distribués par Paramount Pictures France au cinéma : bande-annonces, photos, synopsis, casting, interviews, line-up... Inscrivez-vous à la newsletter et suivez l'actualité des films Paramount. Paramount Pictures (Others) | Paramount Animation (Others) | Paramount Pictures France1 | Paramount Players | Nickelodeon Movies, Television production The font used for Paramount Pictures logo is Paramountain. Citer. The second logo was created in 1952. CW affiliates: KBCW | KMAX-TV | KSTW | WKBD-TV | WPCW | WPSG | WTOG | WUPA This logo contained 30 stars. Off-center variation. Australia | Hungary (RTL Spike)12 | Netherlands | Russia | Ukraine11, Other channels: 5Managed by CBS Interactive. The logo's history dates back more than 100 years, when one of the founders of Paramount, William Hodkinson, drew a mountain on a napkin in 1914. Sydney | Queensland | Melbourne | Adelaide | Perth, Studio 10 | Sports Tonight | The Project | The Sunday Project, Defunct Shutter Island. Early | Morning | Six | Evening | Late | Breakfast | Wake Up | 6:30 with George Negus, Defunct assets: UK & Ireland (HD, +1)3 (Extra) | Australia & New Zealand, Other channels: My Little Pony Movie . Sangaree (1953) Money from Home (1953) Alternate logo for independent movies distributed by Paramount. United Kingdom: My5 | 5Prizes Download all free or royalty-free photos and vectors. Paramount Television Studios (Others), Home Entertainment BET Networks: 1Co-owned with Gaumont. 20Co-owned with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Paramount Channel are totally crazy with their permanent enormous blank opaque logo on the screen (at least in France) Fuseau horaire : CET. 22Co-owned with ABC. List of Paramount Pictures films (2010–2019) Jump to navigation Jump to search. Legend has it that the mountain is based on a doodle made by W. W. Hodkinson during a me… | NickSports | NickRewind | Paws, Inc. | Rainbow S.r.l. Rechercher un film : >> Tous les films depuis 2010. Australia: CMT2 | Spike, Production companies: During this period in 1914, Paramount's logo consisted of a drawing of a mountain peak placed inside a circular field of 29 stars with the company name in a script font, a design which has since been passed onto all of the company's subsequent logo designs. 2Joint venture with Foxtel. International: Channel 5 (United Kingdom) | Colors (India)2 | Network 10 (Australia) | Telefe (Argentina), CBS Television Stations: I have got all driver on a Circular to find a picture and nothing seems to run across devices. 15Co-owned with Grupo Abril from 1990 to 2009. 3Joint-venture with 20th Century Studios. 1Joint-venture with BeIN Media Group. Unlike its predecessor, which appeared with the help of filming techniques, this symbol was painted. Paramount Pictures (Others) | Miramax (49%)1 (Others) | MTV Films (Others) | Nickelodeon Movies (assets) (Others) | Comedy Central Films | CMT Films | Paramount Animation (Others) | Viacom18 Motion Pictures2 | United International Pictures3 | Paramount Pictures France4 | Paramount Players | BET Films | Awesomeness Films, Home Entertainment Rodolphe. PNG. United States: CBS (HD) | The CW6 | Dabl | Decades7 Date de sortie : 29 septembre 2021. 2Joint-venture with Marvel Comics. 8Co-owned with Seoul Broadcasting System. Australia: Network 10 Productions | 10 Peach Productions | 10 Bold Productions, Digital assets: Police suggérée : Paramountain. Independent stations: KCAL-TV | KTXA | WLNY-TV Fox-Paramount Home Entertainment3 | Insurge Pictures | Paramount News | Paramount Records | Paramount Cartoon Studios | Paramount Famous Productions | Famous Studios | Paramount Comics2 | United Paramount Theatres | Paramount Vantage | Paramount DVD | VistaVision. Snake Eyes. Paramount Pictures (1994-1995) Logo Remake by liljesse Luxo Jr. kills the Paramount mountain by TheXavierFans Paramount Television Logo (1995) Remake by TheSplatComedian2016 Paramount Pictures Corp. was established in 1914 by W.W. Hodkinson as a film distributor, offering Adolph Zukor’s Famous Players Film Company, the Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company, and other producers an outlet for their movies. Instead, the full "A Paramount Picture" logo is seen after it. PNG. Release date Title Notes February 19, 2010: Shutter Island: co-production with Phoenix Pictures… United States: Aapka Colors HD, Defunct: TeenNick (programming block on Nick Jr.), Upcoming channels: Bhojpuri: Rishtey Bhojpuri | Marathi: Colors Marathi Cinema, Video-on-demand: Voot The earliest Paramount Pictures logo was introduced in 1916. In 1914, Famous Players Film Company was renamed Paramount Pictures. 14Joint-venture with Marvel Comics. In 1916 Zukor and Lasky merged their companies to form the Famous Players–Lasky Corporation and acquired Paramount to distribute their films. Since then, for more than 20 years, Paramount was known as a \"Gulf+Western company\", as seen on the byline in this logo. & M. TV Corporation | VistaVision | Spelling Films | Worldvision Home Video (Others) | Sunn Classic Pictures | Taft Entertainment Pictures | Commonwealth United Entertainment | Nick Games and Sports For Kids | Nick at Nite (UK and Ireland | Latin America) | Nick Hits | Nicktoons (Latin America) | Nick Radio | The N Originals | Noggin Original | NTA Home Entertainment | The Comedy Channel Originals | Ha! Asia | Benelux (Polsat Comedy Central Extra) | Brazil | France | Germany | Hungary (Comedy Central Family) | Latin America | Poland (Polsat Comedy Central Extra) | UK & Ireland | Romania | Spain | Balkans (Comedy Central Extra), Spike: 10 mai 2015 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Banshee Xuân _ MakeUp Artist. Its logo – the highly-recognizable, majestic Paramount mountain – has been part of the company from the beginning, thus making it the oldest surviving Hollywood film logo. Burger King comes back to its vintage logo, General Motors unveils new logo symbolizing electocar priority, CIA updates its logo, implementing new recruitment policy, Baskin-Robbins presents new visual identity. Films with the 1968 logo include Romeo and Juliet (1968), Love Story (1970), and The Godfather (1972). Par date de première sortie en salles. Australia & New Zealand (Club MTV | MTV Hits | MTV Classic | MTV 80s Untitled Paramount/Hasbro Event Film. At first glance, the Paramount Pictures logo that debuted in 1987 may appear the same as the previous versions. 1. Film production 2. 17Joint venture with Hubbard Broadcasting. Titre original : My Little Pony Movie. | NGA | Ten SD2 | One SD | Ten Guide | 10 Daily | Club MTV | MTV OMG | MTV Rocks | MTV Music | VH1. Variant: On some of Paramount's earlier movies, the pseudo-logo "A Paramount Picture" is nowhere to be seen in the movie's title, keeping only the two small pseudo-logos below the title. 247Sports | | | MaxPreps | MySimon | | SportsLine, Video-on-demand services: This logo is based on a design in 1917 by William Wadsworth Hodkinson. Date de sortie : 27 octobre 2021. Template:ImageTOC/19 In 1953, Jan Domela painted the mountain, which debuted on-film in 1953. A gripping, character-driven thriller based on the 2012 New York Times best-selling novel of the same name, and starring Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery, Jaeden Martell, Cherry Jones, Pablo Schreiber, Betty Gabriel and Sakina Jaffrey. Your Paramount Logo stock images are ready. 1934-1936 Variant: We see a mountain shooting above a cloud deck below. 735*753 . That is because the image itself did not change much. 3Joint venture with Sky Group. 02/02/2020 à 17:26 . Divested: In comparison with the first one, it featured a more prominent mountain peak. 6Co-owned with WarnerMedia. Notes Asia | Brazil | Czech Republic | Denmark | France | Italy | Latin America | Poland | Spain | Sweden | Ukraine11, Comedy Central: Affiliates: WIN Television, Pay television channels: The End Of Film - Paramount Pictures Logo Clipart. The first logo contains the 1914 print logo in yellow on a black background. However, the color palette may vary as the virtual landscape is “shot” in different weather and time of the day. Predecessors: Gulf and Western Industries | Paramount Communications | Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment | Viacom International | Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation | Famous Players Film Company | Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company | CBS Corporation | Viacom (2006–2019) | Westinghouse Electric Corporation | Westinghouse Broadcasting Company | CBS Enterprises | CBS Inc. Film production 9Co-owned with Corus Entertainment. There is still debate about the backstory behind the emblem. 2000*1633. 1917–1921 This logo contains the 1917 print logo on a black background, but with more realistic clouds. The number of stars varied throughout the company’s history depending on the number of actors and actresses that had signed with Paramount pictures. Chowhound | CNET | Comic Vine | GameFAQs | GameRankings | GameSpot | Giant Bomb | Metacritic | TechRepublic | TV Guide | | ZDNet | MetroLyrics, Defunct/dissolved: Telefe Contenidos | Telefe Films | Telefe Móvil | Telefe Música | Telefe Teatro, Former channel & assets W.W. Hodkinson, le créateur du logo de la Paramount En 1914, un certain William Wadsworth Hodkinson, surnommé quelques années plus tard "L'homme qui inventa Hollywood", … In the sound era, the logo was accompanied by a fanfare called Paramount on Parade after the film of the same name, released in 1930. 5. PNG. 1. MTV: Affiliated channels: Canal 13 | 13 Max Televisión | Canal 7 Jujuy | Canal 9 Televida | Canal 2 Misiones | Telesol | Canal 7 | Canal 3 Colonia | Canal 4 (Uruguay) Nickname:The Popular Science Mountain Logos: 1. Liste de films produits par Paramount Pictures. More than two decades have passed since Sarah Connor prevented Judgment Day, changed the future, and re-wrote the fate of the human race. Content is available under $1 unless otherwise noted. 13Joint-venture with BBC. According to the company’s official legend, it was developed from a simple sketch on a napkin. It was the first time when the company used CGI to design its logo. Années 1910 1915. 7. Australia: Network 10 (HD) | 10 Peach | 10 Bold | 10 Shake | TVSN1 | Spree TV, Network 10 regional networks: This logo is similar to the Paramount movie logo, except the word "Paramount" is slightly below the top of the mountain. CBS News Radio | CBS Sports Radio | CBS News | CBS Sports | ViacomCBS Consumer Products | CBS Records | Milkshake! According to some researchers, it was based off the childhood memories of William Wadsworth Hodkinson – the man who founded Paramount Pictures. Radio Continental | Canal 11 Lapacho | Canal 13 Rio Grande, Free-to-air television channels: Production. L'utilisateur du site reconnait avoir pris connaissance et accepter les conditions générales d'utilisation. ViacomCBS Premium Content Group: Terminator: Dark Fate. Inside the country: Bahía Blanca | Mar del Plata | Córdoba | Neuquén | Salta | Rosario | Santa Fe | Tucumán In 1966, Paramount was sold to Gulf+Western Industries Corporation. The Paramount wordmark has always sported a “scripty” type, with the “P” character especially swirly. | Russia: Paramount Comedy | Ukraine: Paramount Comedy11 | Poland: CBS Europa13, Television stations Le nom Paramount, qui baptise le studio, est trouvé par W. W. Hodkinson après avoir vu par hasard un immeuble d'appartements meublés qui s’appelait ainsi, vantant la suprématie de ces habitations . The 24 stars that form a circle over the mountain stand for 24 actors who signed their contracts with the film studio in 1914. 4Co-owned with Gaumont. Le logo Paramount Channel est une marque déposée de Paramount Pictures. 1000*839. The two main symbols depicted on the logo are a mountain and stars above it. United Kingdom: ViacomCBS International Studios UK Paramount pictures logo Is the driver that you use to log in to your mac. It was also used by CBS Corporation for its television arm from 2006 to 2009. 12Joint venture with AMC Networks International. Major film production companies of the United States, Film production companies of the United States, Merchandise: Viacom18 Consumer Products Start TV affiliate: WBXI-CA, US domestic channels Africa (Nick Jr. | Nicktoons) | Arabia (Nick Jr. | Nicktoons | TeenNick) | Asia | Benelux (Nick Music) | Brazil (Nick Jr.) | Canada9 | Europe | CEE (Serbia | Slovenia) |France (Nickelodeon Teen | Nickelodeon Junior | N-Toons) | Germany (Nicktoons | NickNight) | Hungary (Nicktoons) | Indonesia | Italy (Nick Jr.) | Japan | Latin America and Caribbean (HD) (Nick Jr. | TeenNick) | Poland (Nick Jr.) | Portugal | Romania (Nick Jr. | Nicktoons) | Russia (Nicktoons) | Spain (Nick Jr.) | South Korea8 | Scandinavia (Sweden) | Ukraine (Nicktoons)10, Paramount Network/Channel: 16Co-owned with Viva Entertainment Date de sortie : 13 octobre 2021. International signal: Telefe Internacional, Other assets The earliest Paramount Pictures logo was introduced in 1916. Paramount Home Entertainment | Paramount Presents, Video Games:Paramount Digital Entertainment, Defunct/Dissolved/Former Search results for paramount logo vectors. PNG. L'utilisateur du site reconnait avoir pris connaissance et accepter les conditions générales d'utilisation. Compare to the previous logo, this one was simplified, and the number of stars was decreased to 24 for unknown reasons. Achetez le design « Logo Paramount Pictures » par coolturd sur les produits suivants : In 1968, a byline was added and it was A Gulf + Western Company. CBS Video | Cinema Center Films | Clicker | Columbia Records | NickMom | CIC Video1 | Paramount News | Paramount Records | Paramount Cartoon Studios | Paramount Famous Productions | Famous Studios | Nickelodeon Studios | Nickelodeon Video2 | Nick 2 (HD) | Nick Jr. Productions | Cinema International Corporation | One World Entertainment | Paramount Comics15 | MTV Brasil16 | MTV Hits (Latin America) | Red de Noticias | MTV Philippines | MTV Pinoy18 | Peanuts Home Video | Republic Pictures | Republic Pictures Home Video | Liberty Films | Mascot Pictures | U.M. 5. 8. PNG. 21Joint venture with RTL Group ABC Films | BNET | Camelot Entertainment Sales | CBBC on Nickelodeon13 | CBS Broadcast International | CBS/Fox Video5 (Others) | CBS/Fox Children's Video5 | CBS Enterprises | CBS Films (Others) | CBS Eye on People | CBS Outdoor | CBS Paramount Television (Others) | CBS Paramount Network Television | CBS Productions (Others) | CBS Radio | CBS Records International | CBS Telenoticias | CBS Theatrical Films | Benelux (MTV Brand New | MTV Music 24) | Africa | Brazil | Europe (Club MTV | MTV Hits | MTV 80s | MTV 90s) | France (MTV Base | MTV Idol | MTV Pulse) | Germany | Indonesia | Italy (MTV Music) | Japan | Latin America | Middle East (MTV India) | Russia | Poland (MTV Music 24) | Portugal | South Korea (SBS MTV)8 | Southeast Asia | Spain, Nickelodeon: 2010. Op… Which would be worse: to live as a monster, or to die as a good man? Paramount Home Entertainment | Comedy Central Home Entertainment | CBS DVD | CBS Blu-ray | CBS Home Entertainment | Paramount Presents, Television production 1936-1949 Variant: We see a brown mountain with a brownish sky. What was absolutely new was the way it had been created. Leonardo DiCaprio as Teddy Daniels. UK & Ireland: CBS-branded channels4 (CBS Justice | CBS Drama | CBS Reality | Horror Channel) | BET | Smithsonian Channel The artist added the trees and the clouds to make it realistic. Big Ticket Television | CBS Studios | CBS Broadcasting | CBS EYE Productions | CBS Media Ventures | CBSN Originals | CBS Studios International | Paramount Television Studios (Others) | Nickelodeon Productions (Others) | Nickelodeon Animation Studio | MTV Production Development | MTV Animation (Others) | Paramount Network Originals | TV Land Originals | Comedy Central Productions | ViacomCBS International Studios (United Kingdom) | MTV Studios | Miramax Television (49%) 1, Broadcast networks: 471*467. In an unusual font, we see the words "A Paramount Picture". For variations of this logos see Paramount Pictures/Other. Australia & New Zealand (Nick Jr. | NickMusic2), Comedy Central: You can download in .AI, .EPS, .CDR, .SVG, .PNG formats. MTV: Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) is … Paramount Pictures Library. 2), Nickelodeon: 5FWD | 5Spike | Shake! The Paramount Pictures logo is one of the most recognized symbols in Hollywood. Although the script may appear the same at first glance, in fact it has been tweaked more than once. 1 1914–1917 2 1917–1922 3 1922–1927 4 1927–1967 5 1967-1984 6 1984-2001 7 2001–2017 8 2017-2022 9 2022-present 10 1927–1930 11 1929–1932 12 1931–1947, 2008, 2010, 2020 13 1935, 1936–1942 14 1942–1999 15 1999-2010 16 2010-2018 17 2016-2023 18 1934–1939 19 1939-1940 20 1940-1944 21 1944–1948 22 1947–1954 23 1953–1964 24 1962-1967 25 1967–2016 26 2016–2022 … 2Co-owned with Network18. In the sound era, the logo was accompanied by a fanfare called Paramount on Paradeafter the film of the same name, released in 1930. Sydney | Melbourne | Queensland | Adelaide | Perth MTV (HD) | MTV2 | Tres | MTV Live | MTV Classic | VH1 (HD) | CMT | CMT Music | Logo | Comedy Central | Paramount Network (HD) | Pop | TV Land | Smithsonian Channel (HD), Nickelodeon Networks: We Stock - Paramount Caravans Logo. Paramount Print Logo - Paramount Television Logo Png. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Showtime (HD) | Showtime 2 | SHO×BET | Showtime Extreme | Showtime Family Zone | Showtime Next | Showcase | Showtime Women | The Movie Channel (HD) | The Movie Channel Xtra | Flix, Entertainment & Youth Group: In 1986, Dario Campanile repainted the mountain, which debuted on-film in 1986. The Paramount logo as featured in the original 1997 pilot episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.. Paramount Pictures is a ViacomCBS American film and television production/distribution company that distributes SpongeBob SquarePants as well as the first movie, the second movie, the third movie, and other Nickelodeon shows and movies.. Une autre histoire veut que le nom ait été trouvé par Adolph Zukorvoyant à un feu rouge un camion de plombier portant sur la porte le logo Paramount Plumbing . MTV Live Selon la légende… 11Co-owned with RTL Group. UK & Ireland (HD, +1)3 (Nicktoons | Nick Jr. (HD, +1) | Nick Jr. Too) Live events: Viacom18 Integrated Network Solutions, Digital assets Le nom Paramount qui signifie « Par-delà les monts » , fait référence au mot anglais paramouncy qui se traduit par « suprématie » . CBS Interactive: 4Joint venture with AMC Networks International. English: Entertainment: Colors Infinity HD and Comedy Central HD | Music: VH1 HD | Kids: Nickelodeon HD+, Nickelodeon Sonic and Nick Jr.

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